Free 256 bit Encryption for Pocket PC's

  • Creates an encrypted storage to store any type of data.
  • 256 bit strong encryption.
  • High Compression
  • Fixed or Re-sizable Storage.
  • Allows you to automatically load/unload the virtual card.
  • Absolutely FREE and does not expire!


Cryptainer PPC LE is the totally free, lite edition of Cryptainer PPC, specially modified to meet the growing security and privacy needs of a home user. It allows you to secure your data and ensure absolute privacy. It's powerful 256 bit encryption, creates 2 MB storage (virtual card) on your device. This encrypted storage (container) can be mounted and unmounted on need. You can view, modify and hide all types of file with a single password.

Cryptainer PPC LE allows you to create encrypted partitions, that allows you to store all your data in an encrypted form within the partition, or encrypted storage spaces that when unloaded look like any other file on your Pocket PC.

You may create fixed sized storage or re-sizable storage cards. These cards can also be loaded/unloaded automatically on startup and shutdown.

In addition, to save space on your Pocket PC, Cryptainer PPC LE offers a Compression feature, where all files are automatically compressed when the data is written to storage and decompressed when the data is read from the storage

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