Title: Secure IT


Author: Kathy Salisbury

Date: June 2005

We all want software to make our lives easier. When you want highly-specialized software to solve a particular problem, then you want it to work for you, quickly and easily.

I think the best thing about Cypherix security products (other than of course the safety of the excryption technology) is that they are so easy to use.

Secure IT is a really easy way to encrypt folders or files on your computer. Secure IT will also shred the old data after it is encryted - if you want to.

Of course, I wasn't going to do that without testing it out first! I started up Secure IT and because of its clean interface, I knew just how to encrypt anything I wanted to on my hard drive.

I selected a drive and a folder. Secure IT instructions said "Please select the files to process and click on an operation at the top." So I selected "Encrypt."

Then I had a drop-down box where I got to select either AES 256 or Blowfish 448 encryption technology. I entered a password, and reentered it to double-check myself. Secure IT also let me enter a hint or riddle that would help me remember the password in case I forget.

I could select from different compression options, whether I wanted to make the file as small as possible, fast as possible, or normal compression. It was so fast on the normal speed, I can't see where speeding it up too much would matter. But I suppose if you were compressing a huge folder, it might.

I chose a folder with some really large and complex graphics files. Secure IT compressed them in no time. I noticed from the options that I could have shredded the originals, but this time I didn't want to do that.

Secure IT let me select whether I wanted to create a SIT file or EXE. SIT files are something like the Mac equivalent of ZIP files, and you might prefer using them for a variety of reasons. But in my case, Secure IT created an executable (EXE) on my hard drive that contained these files. When I opened the EXE file, it asked me to put in the password, and when I did, Secure IT rebuilt the folder on my hard drive.

Clever girl that I am, I had renamed the original folder, so when the new folder was rebuilt I could use FolderMatch to compare them. They were identical. So Secure IT passed my test with flying colors.

I didn't really need to rename the folder, as it turns out, because Secure IT would also let you save the decrypted data to a different drive or folder. Also, you can set up the options to Not Overwrite the original data, if you so desire.

Why do you need Secure IT? Secure IT would be great for emailing private information in a secure way. Perhaps you are a software developer, and wish to email code securely to a coworker on the project. Perhaps you want to email sensitive financial documents. Perhaps you want to encrypt your computer work before backing it up. I can think of a hundred uses for Secure IT, and it's so easy to use that you won't even mind doing it! Maybe that's the best reason of all to buy Secure IT!

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