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Shred your data securely
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Shred Sensitive Data for Secure Deletion, Encrypt and Compress Any Files or Folders with Secure IT

Encrypt and Zip Files and Folders with Secure IT
Powerful File Shredder
448 bit Strong File and Folder Encryption
Offers Command Line Processing
Compresses and Encrypts
Secures email attachments
Runs on all versions of Windows
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Secure Delete: Secure IT provides a file shredder facility that allows you to securely delete any unwanted data. Deleting a source file using standard Windows delete function does not physically erase the data. It just marks the corresponding disk blocks as deleted, allowing the space to be reused later. If these disk blocks are read before they are overwritten, then the data can be recovered.

Shredding the file is by far the safest type of file deletion system. It overwrites the selected files with random bits, ensuring that the file data is completely irrecoverable.

Secure IT's shredder meets and exceeds USD DOD standards (Both Gutmann's paper "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid State Memory" as well as DOD methinds in 1995 NISPOM.

Additionally, Secure IT encrypts and compresses all your files and folders, to make all your data safe, using Blowfish at 448-bit key strength, one of the world's strongest encryption algorithms.

Secure IT permits you to save encrypted files at the location of your choice. e.g. Local drive, CD, Floppy.

You can create self extracting executable files using Secure IT. All you need is the password to decrypt it. You can also send encrypted email attachments which can be decrypted by DeCypherIT a free utility from Cypherix®.

Secure IT offers command line processing for encrypting and compressing files at the dos prompt. You can group a series of encryption and decryption commands in a single or multiple batch files.


Free Download
FREE, fully functional 30 day trial version
30 Day Unconditional Money-back Guarantee!!

30 Days Free Trial

FREE, fully functional
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