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You will find the mobile feature of Cypherix very useful.

Cypherix can be installed directly on a USB / removable drive as a "stand alone" install. One can carry this installation of Cypherix ('Cypherix Mobile') to different machines without having to install Cypherix Encryption Software on the host machine. Sensitive data can be stored within an encrypted volume file that can only be accessed through Cypherix, with the correct password.

To install Cypherix Encryption Software on a CD/DVD -

Please create an additional volume on your hard disk itself (eg - c:\test_cd). You can do this by clicking on "Tools >> Additional Volumes".

[Click here for screenshot]

Note: A Cypherix drive (vault) is actually a file. All data is stored in the encrypted form within this file. The file behaves like a regular windows drive only after mounting it through the Cypherix interface. Once you unload (close) the volume, it is like any other file or folder under Windows.

Load your additional volume with Cypherix. To load an additional volume, please select "Tools >> Additional Cypherix Volumes >> Load a volume".

[Click here for screenshot]

Browse the directory where your volume is stored (in this case c:\test_cd) and open your volume file by selecting it and clicking 'Open'.

[Click here for screenshot]

Once you have mounted/loaded it, copy/move/backup all the files and folders you wish to protect into the new additional Cypherix volume. Once this is done, unload the additional Cypherix volume.

In the Cypherix Tool bar, Please click on "Tools >> Install Cypherix Mobile" and specify a location on your hard disk where the Cypherix Mobile files should be saved. (for example - c:\test_cd)

[Click here for screenshot]

It is recommended that you create Cypherix Mobile in the same directory as the additional volume.

[Click here for screenshot]

Please shutdown Cypherix and open the directory (c:\test_cd), in which the volume file and the Mobile is stored, using any file explorer. You ought to see the following files -

Your volume file
Cypherix Mobile Files (Folder)

[Click here for screenshot]

Now burn this entire folder (c:\test_cd), i.e. your volume file, and the mobile files (.exe + folder) into a blank CD/DVD.

Once the CD has been burnt successfully, browse the CD in Windows Explorer. Double click on the cypherixmobile.exe. This will run Cypherix directly from the CD.

a. You may have to point to the volume file the first time, using the "Tools - Additional Cypherix Volumes" feature.

b. If you see an error saying "Unable to create cypherix.last file", please ignore the message and click on OK. This file is not required for Cypherix mobile to work from a CD.

c. You will not be able to select a fixed drive letter for volumes loaded from CD's and the drive letter reference file cannot be created on a read-only media.

d. You will not be able to directly edit/modify the contents of the volume since a CD Drive is a read-only media. In the case of re-writeable CDs, please burn/copy the volume file again, once the necessary changes have been made.

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