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You are at Cypherix SE >> Cypherix SE Vs Microsoft's Encrypted File System (EFS)
Cypherix SE pitted against Microsoft's Encrypted File System (EFS) to address Windows 2000 Security as well as Windows XP Security.
Windows 2000 / XP EFS
Cypherix SE
EFS encryption and decryption does not require a separate password from the user's normal logon under the assumption that only the user can log on as himself and use his certificate to encrypt/decrypt their data.
  Since the Cypherix password is independent of the user's login password, it is shielded from the inherent weaknesses of the login password.
Only works on the Windows 2000 / XP with NTFS.   Works on all versions of Windows.
Copying encrypted files to any other file system type (FAT, FAT32, earlier versions of NTFS) using normal commands (copy, move, etc.) will save the file in decrypted form.
  Allows encrypted data to be copied to and from all file systems supported by Windows.
Opening encrypted files over the network decrypts the file on the remote side and sends decrypted data over the network.
  Opening encrypted files on the network decrypts the files only on the client side; therefore the data travels along the network in encrypted form.
Remote encryption is not enabled by default.   Cypherix does not discriminate between a local and remote machine during encryption.
Folder encryption does not prevent the listing of files contained within.   All folders stored within a Cypherix volume are inaccessible to the user without the password, even for a file listing.
Due to the way NTFS does compression, compression and encryption are mutually exclusive for the same file.
  Data within Cypherix volume files can be compressed using any third party compression utility.
Most data backup programs are not yet aware of EFS encrypted files back files up in the clear. Currently only Microsoft's BACKUP utility included with Windows 2000 is able to back up EFS encrypted files without decrypting them in the process.
  Any data backup program can be used with the Cypherix volume file. All copies of the volume file will always be in encrypted form.
With physical access to a system, a user can boot the system from floppy disks or use O&O BlueCon etc.. to access files encrypted by users.
  There is nothing an adversary can do to access the data within a Cypherix volume file even with physical access to the machine.

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