Working with the Cypherix Drive

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To work with the Cypherix drive:


1.   When you load a Cypherix drive, you see a Windows Explorer like window with all your encrypted files and folders in it. You can work on these files and folders as you would on files and folders on any other drive.




2.   You can also start a special Windows Explorer window showing only the Cypherix        drive by clicking on the button "View in Explorer"




3.   Close or minimize operation hides the Cypherix window but the volume remains loaded.




You can quickly return to it by double-clicking on the task bar icon. But, if you are away from your PC and want to remove the task bar icon too, it is better to Unload the volume or Shut Down Cypherix.




4.   When you no longer need your encrypted files, you can use the Unload button. This unloads your Cypherix drive, ensuring that your data is encrypted. At the same time it keeps the Cypherix application running.




5.   Click on Shutdown & Exit button to shut down Cypherix. This protects your encrypted information by removing the Cypherix drive containing your files. Now, no one can access it without the password.




star_s TIPS:

Bullet Shut down is a single click operation. Use it whenever you are going away from your computer. Do not leave your  Cypherixvolume loaded on your machine if you plan to be away.


Bullet We strongly recommend that you back up all data on the Cypherix volume. The best way to do it is to load Cypherix, launch Windows Explorer, and then run any back up software that you like to back up your data on the Cypherix drive. Encrypted back ups can be taken by copying the Cypherix Volume file on to the backup media. We recommend the use of Cypherix, that allows you to create as many volume files (Vaults) as you may need to take large encrypted backups.


Bullet The basic Cypherix view does not support New file/folder creation function from within Cypherix. You can use Windows Explorer to create a new file or folder. You can work on all the files and folders in a Cypherix volume as you would work on any other files and folders located on your hard disk. The encryption and decryption process doesn't interfere at all in your work.