Uninstalling Cypherix

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To uninstall Cypherix, please go to "Add Remove" Program Tab under Windows.


Should there be a problem, please run unins000.exe located in the same directory where the Cypherix installed (The default path is ..\Program Files\Cypherix).


Deleting the Cypherix Volume


To remove Cypherix completely from your machine, you will need to delete the volume file that you have created. The Cypherix Drive (vault) is actually a file. All data is stored encrypted within this file. The file behaves like a regular Windows drive only after mounting it through the program interface. Once you exit Cypherix, the volume is like any other file or folder on the Windows system. You can delete the volume like you delete any other file.


By default, Cypherix creates a volume in the ../../system32 directory. In Windows 2000 Systems, the default location is ...\WINNT\system32\cxl17xx while on Win XP and Win 98, it is ...\Windows\system32\cxl17xx and on Win Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, it is ...\User\...\Documents\cxl17xx..