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Bullet Inter Product Upgrades

You can upgrade from Cypherix ME to Cypherix PE or Cypherix 10.0 and Cypherix PE to Cypherix 10.0 for the difference in the price i.e the price you have paid for the product can be used in to towards an upgrade. Please access our End-user area for the link or please click here to access our   Live Support Onlinedesk


Bullet Purchase of both Cypherix and SIT

We have a special price, if you are considering the purchase of both Cypherix and SIT.  You can save 50%  on the price of the complementary Cypherix products. Click here to purchase from our secure on-line store.


Bullet Students and Educational Institutions

We are pleased to offer a 50% discount to all students. We also provide a special discount to educational institutions. Please send us an e-mail with some proof of status. This could include a valid email address or a scanned ID.


Bullet Competitive Upgrades

We offer a saving of 50% on all Cypherix products to users of competing products. We require a proof of purchase of the eligible competitive product.


You can e-mail us with one of the following proofs

1. A copy of the sales notification mail/ purchase confirmation e-mail

2. A screen shot of a "Registered To" from the  program window (PrintScreen)

3. Any other justifiable proof of purchase (Paper receipts can be scanned and e-mailed).


Please e-mail these to or click here to go to our online support and feedback form.


We will then send you an e-mail with instructions on how to avail of this offer.